Netflix, the controversy of the Oscars, and Steven Spielberg… Ben Affleck and Charlie Hunnam react to our micro

In full promotion of their next film, Triple Frontier, which will be released on Netflix, Ben Affleck and Charlie Hunnam react to the comments of Steven Spielberg and give us their point of view on the industry today. Since Netflix has won several Oscars on the 24th February last, in particular thanks to Roma for Alfonso Cuaron, some professionals in the film are mounted to the niche. The last in date ? Steven Spielberg. The latter, a member of the Academy, invited his colleagues to quickly launch a discussion on the subject : the aim is to determine the criteria and the competition rules that would allow or prohibit a feature-length film broadcast on a streaming platform, to compete for the Oscars. A position which has been received quite coldly by some, even those who rely on mediums emerging (Netflix, Amazon) to distribute their films to a wider audience.

AlloCiné has posed the question to the cast in Triple Frontier, the next big production by Netflix which will be visible in the world as of 13 march :

Charlie Hunnam : “there are so many films that come out each year, that the system of media chronology is necessarily undermined. Out a movie on the big screen is very expensive and to attract the people in the room, we must promise them the big show. It is also necessary to install the mark before releasing the product. It is increasingly difficult to sell original ideas. The advantage of the platforms of streaming, is that they welcome this kind of project. They have filled a vacuum that existed in the middle and that developed more and more. These opportunities are good to take for actors, directors… I don’t want to have problems with Steven Spielberg, believe me, but it remains a case apart. The studios continue to propose bold projects that will be released in the cinema. But this is not the case of the other. This is another road that filmmakers can take. I don’t think Netflix is going to do harm to the traditional cinema, or minimize its importance. They just have two different ways of telling stories.” Netflix The cast of Triple Border

Ben Affleck : “The media have a tendency to confront people, but for me the problem is not there. What Spielberg said precisely is that there has to be a window of 4 weeks between the release film and the release SVOD for the film to be eligible for the Oscars. It’s not just about Netflix. It is part of the Academy and, therefore, of the voters, and he has reason to ask these questions. The film landscape is changing and they need to determine which films can enter the competition. Everyone must ask the question whether it is the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes and even the Caesar. The biggest problem started, in my view, is on “what kind of films we are doing now”. We live in an exciting time. We are doing more and more things, to mediums more diverse. I can’t tell you what a film and a tv movie, because there is this blur between the two. Television is changing more and more…”

Oscar Isaac : “It is a question that arises for many years to the subjects of the documentary. They are rarely released in the room. For me, the decision-makers must not do things according to the Oscars, or any other ceremony. Spielberg was right to throw this stone into the pond because, as a member of the Academy, it is part of those who must define strict criteria.” But the movies that are in between the two, like ours, are quickly left behind. The story behind The Irishman and Triple Border, Triple Border, film turning in a casting five-star, is a project that would never see the light of day without the streaming platform. When the writer J. C. Chandor gets the project in 2016 to replace Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp are attached to the project. He did not suspect that a real game of musical chairs for the waiting : Channing Tatum,Tom Hardy. Mahershala Ali, Casey Affleck, Mark Wahlberg… they have joined in turn to the project for the exit shortly after. At the time, the movie belongs to Paramount Pictures and had to go to the cinema. But the death in 2017, Brad Grey, its historical leader, is going to change that, as tells us, J. C. Chandor : “It was a period of really sad for the fans in the middle of the cinema who love to tell strong stories. Brad Grey – who was also the first manager of Brad Pitt – has really made a difference, and it is thanks to him that The Soprano was able to see the light of day. He had faith in those stories. What we didn’t know is that he was suffering from cancer. He has told anyone. He died quite suddenly. The new leadership did not see things the same way as him. They have resold the rights to many films, including Vice, Triple Border, and The Irishman. They have a little vacuum. It was a terrible decision for us because it was working already on the timeline. Fortunately for us, Scott Duber had just arrived at Netflix, and he had the same vision as Brad. It was under his leadership that have been redeemed in our film and The Irishman. I am happy to see that these three films were able to see the light of day. You know, it happens often in this industry. It is cut in two in between the big blockbusters and smaller productions. But the movies that are in between the two, like ours, are quickly left behind.”

Two films expected this year on the streaming platform. Triple Frontier land this march 13, while the new Scorsese is expected in the fall. Triple frontier trailer (2) VO

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